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Was it killed for politics though? I don't remember that being a thing but I could be wrong. Can you go into more detail? I mean, even rewatching the series last week the show is extremely lefty. I mean, I've loved the show to death for years so I can turn a blind eye due to how good it was but it's super fuckin' lefty and Joss was a huge SJW faggot since the 90's and TV shows back in the early 2000's weren't hiding their leftist bullshit, it was all the rage back then too.

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It didn't seem "liberal" to me. They were rebelling against a technocracy. They lost the war to the "Republicans" but that was just the label for it at that time. The antagonist was a secretive Oligarchic Technocracy. They limited access to "the core" of their network to "desirable" people. The protagonist was Imperialistic and did not seem to have an obvious Democratic Mechanism.

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I'm not talking about the story itself really so much as these points:

  • One of the main characters is a whinny beta man child married to a big black warrior niggress

  • Whores are considered royalty - there are multiple episodes that are dedicated to that alone

  • The only tough guy is a big dumb white moron

  • Interracial and same sex interactions throughout the series which was a big deal almost back in the day.

It did have some nice story elements that you don't see often like the ones you mention and the overall "rebellion against big government" idea that I like too but even back then when I first watched the show on TV the points I made irked me.

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I'm all for any blame we can throw at someone for killing the Firefly series, but I feel this opinion needs an accompanying article or blog explaining how.

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an alliance between USA-China one world gov, kinda gritty people still cursed, fought, drank and smoked on tv, Audience changed got dumbed down... people were moving back to canned laughter sitcoms, reality tv, crap like breaking bad or 'Lost' or degeneracy like True Blood, the whole mixed culture future timeline of Firefly Serenity probably confused some people, old school music not techno, shithop rap or disco, partially inspired by journals of Confederate soldiers on the frontier from The American Civil War, feels Asian Chinese Anime ish also like Cowboy Bebop, Western companies don't like anime and its got a comment on Confederates and the Unification War, the government or Earth domineering and oppressive because Mal is the star of the show and we are seeing the world/galaxy from his perspective, Hollyweird decided Scifi in general or especially the Western must stay dead and be replaced by the Comicbook superhero genre @QueuTard @a100167 it confused the Fatcats ... Joss himself in interviews comes of as very middle ground or possibly sometimes a Leftist SJW, the other guy Adam Baldwin is very political on twiiter he tries his best to be rightwing like playing the guy in Full Metal Jacket or something weird. Joss and the Network were always fighting I remember reading that much and Fox typically cancels shows after 1 season anyway, so doomed on day 1

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Notable is the promos. I remember them, they were awful. I didn't check out the show until way later because the promos looked so bad.

Fox tried to cancel it because Alan Tudyk's character was happily married to a black woman. Then they fucked with how it aired. Generally threw it under the bus.

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Don't get me wrong, firefly is a good show, (I've got the whole series on DVD) However I thought Whedon was just too cheap with the props and writing the show to fit around the fact that he was cutting corners. Not real keen with what looked like people from the future dropping in on planets that always looked like the old west. I've always felt that someone other than Whedon could have done a much better job with this.

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It wasn't politics. It got canned because Joss kept fighting against the network over almost everything, and when they insisted on something he didn't like, he'd do whatever he could within their rules to undermine their decisions. Shooting everything for widescreen even though they wanted fullscreen, fade to dark red because he couldn't fade to black, "larger than life" bad guy who gets killed off in the first-ish episode, etc. Sure, he was right about all of it, but he still pissed off the network, and they canned it because they were sick of dealing with him.