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They lost me when they started making shitty SJW shows and ruining any good series that they touched. Last thing I watched when I had them was just Deep Space Nine.

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It's for commercials, duh.

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Cancel your Netflix subscription.

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wtf bro

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Okay, I can see replaying nude scenes of hot women. That's it.

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https://archive.fo/rOWyg :

Netflix is testing a baffling instant replay function - TechSpot

'Netflix is testing an instant replay feature that allows viewers to immediately re-watch a scene that just took place. '

'With any luck, Netflix will come to the same conclusion that I have: this might be the most ridiculously idea ever. '

'So imagine, you’re immersed in a key scene when BAM, you’re suddenly blindsided by a pop-up. '

'According to multiple reports from users who have encountered the new feature, it inexplicably presents itself in the form of an annoying pop-up notification. '

'Seriously, who in their right mind thought this would add value to the platform?'

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