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Are they sure that he wasn’t just a terrible comedian?

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The state of edgy humor in 2018.

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Jason Mamoa was awesome

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https://archive.fo/neyWF :

Former SNL comedian kicked off stage for telling 'racist' and 'homophobic' jokes | Daily Mail Online

"A former SNL comedian was kicked off stage by event organizers who snatched the mic from his hands mid-set because his 'offensive' jokes were deemed 'racist' and 'homophobic'.", "Audience reactions to Patel’s jokes and subsequent ejection from the stage were mixed as some members of the crowd said 'tension in the room increased' during his set.", "Adam Warren, a student who was in the audience, said the AAA made the right decision because Patel’s jokes contradicted the 'sensitive nature' of the event."

'Nimesh Patel was performing a stand-up comedy gig at an event hosted by Columbia University’s Asian American Alliance (AAA) when he was ordered off the stage. ', "In a statement the AAA said: 'His remarks did not align with the mission and message of Asian American Alliance."

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