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Awesome video and I was a big fan of kid rock and now I am an even bigger fan. And as for joy begat I can’t stand that dumb bitch she always looks like she’s sucking on a sour lemon. And as for Meghan McCain I have no respect for that bitch either she claims to be a republican ......a republican my ass she doesn’t represent anythingThat Republicans or libertarians stand for.

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Yeah, it is a fight between two women both of whom I want to lose.

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When you say Fan of Kid Rock I hope you're not talking about his music. I like KR but I hate his music.

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Yes I do love kid rock’s music, but even more I love what he stands for

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Call her bluff

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She can threaten all she want but everybody knows she'll never leave that shitty show. Hanging out with those harpies is the only thing that makes her vaguely relevant.