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too bad because that was one of the best netflix shows that they had along with marco polo

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https://files.catbox.moe/gvp8qo.png :

Netflix cancels Daredevil after three seasons - The Verge

'Disney is gearing up to launch its own standalone streaming service in 2019, and is in the process of distancing itself from Netflix. '

'Netflix’s statement also noted that although there won’t be any new Daredevil episodes, all three seasons will continue to live on the platform. '

'Netflix also noted, “the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel.”Daredevil marks the third show that Netflix and Marvel have canceled; Iron Fist and Luke Cage also ended this year. '

'Jessica Jones and The Punisher are the last two remaining series in Netflix and Marvel’s collaboration that have not been canceled yet. '

'Theatrical releases beginning in 2019 won’t be available on Netflix, while Marvel Studios begins to prep a series of original series for the standalone service. '

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Hopefully Marvel will bring these back on their streaming service