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She had a choice. She chose to suck cock for money. She did it because there was a line of girls out the door who were willing to do it if she wasn't. They all knew.

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https://archive.fo/u7uRv :

Les Moonves fired for exposing penis and then forcing aspiring actress to perform oral sex in 1995 | Daily Mail Online

'Once the CBS board learned that Moonves offered Phillips work to stay silent he was booted, and now Phillips has also filed a $15 million lawsuit. '

'In addition to trying to silence her, Phillips is accusing Moonves of defaming her by stating the encounter was consensual. '

'When a February story focused on President Trump and not Moonves, some on the company board believed that they were off the hook. ', "Bobbie Phillips was trying to break into the industry back in 1995 when she met Moonves at his office to discuss possible work, a fact that both parties and Phillips' agent acknowledge to be true."

'Redstone was actually the first to reveal that a story might be underway, sharing this news with the company in January. '

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