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'The White Shadow' televison show still resonates 40 year later

'Howard even insisted the fictitious team’s uniform colors — orange and blue — be the same as those at his former high school.“ ‘The White Shadow’ meant the world to Bruce and to Ken. '

'The typical television fare of that era simply would have rolled the credits upon such a feel-good Hollywood ending, but four decades later, it remains abundantly clear that the groundbreaking drama “The White Shadow” was anything but the typical television series. '

'Linda Fetters Howard admittedly had never seen an episode of “The White Shadow” until a vacation in Hawaii celebrating Ken’s 50th birthday in 1994.“He was asleep and the show came on some random channel. '

'The fact that people are still talking about it 40 years later really says so much.”As “The White Shadow” turns 40, a look at how notable members of the cast and crew spent the next four decades:Bruce Paltrow Producer, writer, director Also produced the hospital drama “St. '

'One scene later, he was murdered, gunned down in cold blood when someone else attempted to rob the liquor store he was patronizing. '

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