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A lot of faggoty kids talking about what you CAN'T talk about these days. One faggot thinks it's from the 70s or 80s, probably because anything older than 15 years is incomprehensible to him. None of the faggots have any sense of cultural context and only judge the show in terms of it's "acceptability".

That's why nothing is funny on television any longer.

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What a bunch of faggots. Seinfeld was as softcore as television got. Also, token muslim, as always.

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Not a single white male. Sorry, won't watch anything or buy anything if a white male isn't prominently featured.

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I saw this porno the other day. It was one white chick and NINE BLACK GUYS. GROSS!

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None of these kids could pass the Feats of Strength let alone survive Festivus.

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It's go time.

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You want a piece of me?

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Comparing TV shows in different generations doesn't work. Classic movie and tv tropes are tropes because they originated with a movie of tv show of a different generation.

Also, seinfeld was not a show for teens when it came out, so it is not a show for teens today.

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I watched it as a teen and thought is was great. Friends, on the other hand, just pissed me off.

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Friends gave me the theory that certain shows are popular simply because of their theme song. The Big Bang Theory is one. Both of these shows have a catchy song written by an actual band.

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A bunch of chinks, beaners and thots (and one moslem) judging (((white))) male culture.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=r5BxjUmzPPA :

Do Teens & College Kids Think Seinfeld Is Funny? | Does It Hold Up? - YouTube

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Sienfeld isn't funny because it isn't funny.