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He knows which dicks to suck.

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Don’t you mean republicans going to israel?

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Free Pass With Alec Baldwin

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Money and fame ttalk - but it eventually ran out for Weinstein.

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because he is a good little trooper, bashing Trump, bashing "conspiracy fact", bashing women, using...

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hes liberal. they all get away with it

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He HIT someone this time. If witnesses, he will be slightly punished (simple assault is a misdemeanor). If "he said, she said", probably not.

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https://archive.fo/KIKqU :

How come Alec Baldwin always gets away with it?

'Alec Baldwin, 60, my foe, my secret, guilty crush, was at it again Friday, like a stripper to a pole. '

'We missed you, big guy! (Or maybe not.)The last time we saw Alec as his true self, it was May 2014. '

'He’s gotten away with it so long, regular rules of behavior simply do not apply. '

'I expect he’ll be back on “Saturday Night Live” in no time, mocking President Trump — and the rest of us. '

'Me! “Andrea Peyser, you are as bad a writer as you are filled with self-hatred,’’ he wrote in 2012. '

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He´s deep in with the left....also, jews.