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I know, fuel on the fire.

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Absolutely agree its turned into unfunny shit, infected with SJW talking points but without any real satire and devoid of humour, I was never a massive fan but I started this season looking forward to it, I couldn't finish a single episode, and gave up even trying by the 6th episode. Its seems pretty clear the writing has changed and the gang are just phoning it in at this point.

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Isn't the dragon queen woman on Game of Thrones leading a Turkroach army to destroy her country? lol.

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Any thoughts on Mac's bizarre gay dance sequence?? I seriously wondered if it was all some elaborate joke about appealing to "the gays" by making an entire episode about a gay dancer struggling with daddy issues and absolutely no jokes to be seen. But then I came to my senses and figured the show wasn't really clever enough to pull that off, at least not this season

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Meh, it was always The Degenerate Fuckups Show to me and that genre has been done to death.

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stop watching the jew box and go develop some hobbies.

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The cast starts protesting politics

Show gets canceled


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“Sunny has been one of my favorite shows ever.“

This isn’t reddit, you fukin fag lol

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I don't believe in groupthink. I'm an individual who enjoys what I enjoy regardless of what the group has decided I am allowed to enjoy. If you enjoy groupthink, maybe you should head back to Eddit.

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Op posts on v/tv pointing out how a tv show has turned to kike trash and gets shit on. What the fuck is going on? Come on Voat.