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We are better off without the cable propaganda anyway.

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not just unaffordable but unwatchable, in MANY situations. The liberal agenda that's being pushed in TV shows AND commercials is getting ridiculous.

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Comcast Customers who have a "Bundled Package Deal" consisting of Cable TV/Internet/Telephone Service for their home and having four TV sets per house connected to the same, pay an average $210-$260 per-Month depending on where you live. That's an awful lot of cash to pay per month just to have the Media Jew pumped into your home on a piece of coaxial cable!

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Google TV and $35 a month with no limit on the number of devices that can use it. Streams on cell phones, tablets, PC's, or Android (and some Samsung) television sets. It's basic cable with unlimited DVR. Beyond that, just buying a few shows on Amazon, Apple or Google is cheaper than subscribing to cable.

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In terms of value, what you get for what you pay for, yes, because it's like throwing your money out the window. Get an HD antenna and internet.