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Holy shit, you guys. Do not even bother trying to watch this crap. Every romantic couple is interracial: Rick/Michonne (yuck) Jadis/Gabriel (double yuck) Ezekiel/Carol (gag me) and Sasha/Abraham (they're both dead now, but it was so forced and awful that I can't forget). What is the writers' obsession with black/white interracial bestiality? I've yet to meet even one fan who liked the Rick/Michonne pairing, and now with these others, it's like they're just throwing it in our face. We get it, Walking Dead writers. You are down with the swirl. You got that jungle fever. It's fucking gross.


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https://archive.fo/HnFqb :

Walking Dead Hits New Low in Series Ratings - IGN

'The Walking Dead’s ratings continue to slide as last Sunday’s episode hit the lowest ratings the series has ever seen in its key demographic. '

'It had the lowest turnout in the key adults 18-49 demographic for a Walking Dead season premiere, and the lowest total viewers since the Season 1 premiere. '

'Still, though these ratings are relatively low for the show, it only ranked behind Sunday Night Football in this key demographic for the night. '

'Its current lowest total viewership still stands at 4.7 million viewers from Season 1. '

'The previous low came all the way back in Season 1 hitting a 2.4 in this demographic. '

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