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German actress caught stripping on road and exposing herself to men | Daily Mail Online

'Speaking to German tabloid Bild, she says the decision to get out of her car and perform the bizarre striptease show was a spur-of-the moment decision. '

'However, she was unaware that the men were police officers carrying out a traffic control, and that they caught her on camera. '

'A German actress famous for playing a nun in a TV show has been fined 1,200 euros, after she exposed herself in a car park in front of plain-clothes police officers. ', "Antje Mönning, 40, flashed her bottom and genitals 'on a whim' to three men in a car in Jengen, Bavaria, southern Germany in June this year.", "Ms Mönning is best known to the German public for playing young nun Jenny in sitcom Um Himmels Willen - For Heaven's Sake - from 2007 to 2009."

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