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https://archive.fo/OgxY3 :

‘Black Mirror’ Repeats TV Movie Win With Donald Trump-ian ‘USS Callister’ | Deadline

'This is the second Best TV movie win for Black Mirror; last year it won for the San Junipero installment. '

'Deadline’s Pete Hammond had declared USS Callister “the one to beat” in his Emmy predictions, given the acclaimed Netflix anthology’s series track record. '

'It won three statuettes at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday, including Best TV Movie Emmy, with more of its seven nominations to be contested next weekend, including an acting nom for Jesse Plemons. '

' USS Callister’s running time is 76 minutes, up from 61 minutes for San Junipero. '

'The same episode also won for Best Limited Series/TV Movie Writing. '

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This RI bot is busy busy busy


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Disgusting leftist crap. Obama sure has pushed netflix along to the far left already.