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Its hilarious they had to come out in the open to specifically say the movie isnt about kikes.


"we have to save they live from the nazis !!!!"

The jew always cries as he strikes you.

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The Jew cries out as HE strikes YOU.

The Jew will tell you he was beaten , but not WHY he was beaten.

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It's a great metaphor for how jews control the banks and the media.

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Title should have been (((They))) live

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Absolute classic. The first fight scene is, IMO, the single greatest fight scene Hollywood ever made (Hong Kong might have a few martial arts scenes that are a bit better)


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They Live is one of the best movies ever made

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Apparently you can get your very own They Live Halloween mask.


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This part was always about how hard some people will resist being shown something so world breaking.

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Any good gifs for They Live?

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