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If we could CHOOSE our cable channels ala carte I bet they'd be out of business in a week.

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Some Hallmark movies are fucked up.

There was a Christmas themed "love story" were this husband was a stuck-up nerd who married a rural girl. He was a city boy and she was a country girl. By all accounts the husband seemed like a decent person despite being a stick in the mud and not being a perfect match for his pretty wife.

The story puts a down-on-his-luck army vet who is both handsome and charming in opposition to the nerd and every character including the mother/father-in-law and every friend says they should be together yadda yadda. They enter situations were they mistake them as a couple - swoon, they step under the mistletoe, dance in a party, etc. Essentially it's a story of condoned cheating because fuck every guy who is not a lumberjack. I can only imagine after she dumps the nerd the vet beats his new wife everyday and then she gets fat.

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My wife has discovered these films and is binge watching. Hallmark appears to have found a lucrative market.

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Probably because Grandmas are the only ones still watching television

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https://archive.fo/7hSIO :

Hallmark Channel's niche movies and series are ratings gold

'“Chesapeake Shores” is a popular Sunday night show with millions of fans, but chances are you’ve never heard of it. '

'This year, it’s producing 34 TV Christmas movies; next year the goal is 90. '

'The network launched in 2001, and since then its brand has expanded rapidly. '

'It’s true. '

'At least if you don’t watch Hallmark Channel.“Television series seem to now have what you could call ‘boutique audiences,’” says Treat Williams, 66, who stars in “Chesapeake Shores,” a family drama now in its third season.“There are people who watch the Hallmark Channel, and there are people that watch ‘The Walking Dead,’” he says. “They don’t seem to cross paths much, but there are certain passionate audiences for certain things.”Nowhere is this trend better exemplified than Hallmark. '

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do they still have all the race mixing, feminization of men, and destruction of the white male role model?