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Naked sansa

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She finds out that Jon isn't her biological half brother so she jumps his bone while Daenerys watches in the corner, then licks her clean. All the while, Bran was watching while taking over a raven.

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And naked Arya. And naked Daenerys---lots and lots and LOTS of naked Daenerys. And some more hot chicks from Dorne--all homicidal and naked. Lots and lots more brothel scenes with naked whores all over the place, too. The possibilities are endless.

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More tits.

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My dick in the queen of dragons ass

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A threesome with Sansa and Daenerys.

As far as plot, I would like to see every single character die in the end, except Reek. Reek should be the last thing alive, and alone with no one but himself.

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Announcements that it ended a month ago and i missed the whole lot.

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I wanna see back from the dead brother slit the little blonde chicks throat during rough sex, dude who got his dick cut off chop off back from the dead brothers' head, the dragons burn the shit out of the little blonde chicks dickless army, the brother fucker get eaten by the white dead dudes, the sister fucker get eaten by a dragon, the giant dude squish his scarfaced brothers head at the moment the scarfaced brother plunges a dagger into giant dudes throat, the little faggot cripple kid get eaten by wolves, the stuck-up sister get ass raped by the dead white dude army, her little sister who wears other peoples faces end up being made the little sex slave bitch of the angry drunk dwarf, who also makes the dude who got his dick cut off his pet and ends up on that throne made out of rusty stabby things. fuck yeah.

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Knowing that it's written by SJWs, the chick with "le cool dragons" and Turkroach army will win.