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Never let a woman with the "Let me talk to your supervisor" haircut into a position of power.

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Been saying it for years, never fucking trust a short haired woman.

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But especially ones with hair like that.

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Im all for increasing our peoples numbers but old white women need to be culled. There is an ethnographic study that old childless women feel useless to society so they take on agitative causes. The truth is they have nothing to offer past a certain age and would have been killed off by the tribe long ago. I know too many of them in real life and they are all worthless facebook justice warriors.

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Holy shit. That was just a big pile of stupid. SMH.

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Fuck up white people, help brown people.

These people need to be deprogrammed.

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Bad is Good

Green is Purple

Up is Down

Forward is Reverse

Boy is Girl

Child is Adult

Wet is Dry

Cold is Hot

Tiny is Huge

Sand is Smooth

Lefty Tighty

Natural is Synthetic

Breastfeeding is a Social Construct

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This is how programmed she is: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5875783/Cynthia-Nixon-reveals-daughter-Samantha-son-Samuel-Trans-Action-Day.html

Whew! What a freaking ugly daughter. She's 18 and looks like Larry King. Lesbian parents really mess up the kids. Seeing that she is the daughter of Nixon's jewish wife, it's no real loss.

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Your ‘home boys’ are not ‘gentlemen’, boys, not men.

Your ‘crib’, is your home as an adult.

The ‘pen’ short for ‘playpen’, is where you meet other babies.

You use slave slang, to keep oppressive terminology fresh in your minds.

Yeah... there’s something wrong with this.

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Do people who think ICE should be disbanded think an alternative should be implemented, or just a free for all? Like if I wander into america and don't leave do these people think I should be allowed just hang around and do as I please? Note: I'm white (very white, as only a Gael can be), have a criminal record for what could only be described as racially motivated crime, but without ICE what would these people do to get rid of the likes of me? Makes no sense.

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It would be like germanstan, the monkeys the the streets

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How about the TSA something everyone hates equally.

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more hollywood scum

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Not that I care about the outcome of this race, but how the fuck can someone claiming to represent the American middle class also advocate for open borders/illegal immigration? These leftists are deranged beyond human comprehension!

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Insults the entire government for the same she wishes to be employed by. This group is all dumber than artificial plants. What's gonna happen when the voters all realize they are useless.

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lol! 'dumber than artificial plants'. I'm gonna have to borrow that. brilliant.

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I predict...… a lopsided loss in her future.

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Her polling numbers are so low, she's not even a contender.

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