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He should go back to England. I'm sure he'd feel right at home presenting his anus to brown people with AIDS.

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The Boston tea party rebels are rolling in their graves. How the fuck did a limey get to present an American fake news show did we run out of Americans already?

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I think america would benefit greatly from learning to differentiate between people who are learned and intelligent, and people who just happen to have middle class English accents.

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Worse than his contempt or his eagerness to so often act as a mouthpiece for propaganda is the fact that he simply isn't funny. Neither in writing or delivery. Perhaps the worst sin a comedian can commit is being unfunny. For a profession that rests upon challenging and questioning society, to open minds and insight into new perspectives the media has a terrible habit of only picking the most bland and talentless comedians to elevate, and generally those with near identical opinions. People like oliver and jimmy kimmel are at the forefront of this trend. Don't get me wrong, a performer can still be inoffensive and avoid thought provoking statements and still be skilled and even funny. The johnny carsons and dick van dykes of the world. But in the past couple of decades they have grown few and far between. As producers realize they can rely on internet content and talking points the only asset a tv comedian needs is docile soyboy harmlessness.

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Non of the famous liberal comedians are funny. The worst ones are Trevor Noah and bill Maher

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Who do you consider to be funny comedians?

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The glasses hide his beak.

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Just like a limey faggot to waltz in, start spitting on shit and demand it be changed to suit him.

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He's not Englsih. He's Jewish. Jews need to be abstracted.

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Are you serious?

How would you recommend this be done?

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Saul Alinsky style. Isolate the Jew in England by calling him a Jew in England. Just like there are Muslims in England. Don’t misapply the adjective ‘English’ to a person who has nothing but usurpation of your home country on his mind.

To wit: there is no such thing as an English Jew.

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Yes, he's serious.

And you suck your own dick.

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Even the Brits don't want this cunt back.

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Is he Jew?

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