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Make us. If white people woke up, the leeches would be fucked. Have you ever seen another race give permanent reservations?

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Seth Myers loves showing his black female writer. Fuck him and his fucking Chrysler.

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She makes me want to stick knives in my ears.

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The turks are still denying they did shit to the armenians.. everybody else nope wipe them out and pretend it didnt happen.. how the fuck do the spanish get a god damn pass on everything they did including the fucking spanish inqusition!! Look at the shit holes they left the world in mexico, central and south america!!

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The Inquisition came after the Reconquista. Spain was betrayed by jews in major walled cities and towns who let the muslims in, they conspired together with muslims to invade Visogothic Spain. After the invasion, jews were given major titles within this Islamic conquest, they were often granted judge seats, mayor and large land ownership titles over Christian territories who were taken over and were heavily discriminated against. They betrayed their Christian neighbours and became tax-collectors (Jizya - extortion) as well as slavers of those who could not pay their exorbitant amount of discriminatory tax, Christians had their children stolen and used as slaves.

These jews were seen as the backstabbers and were held responsible for their crimes and were hunted down and forced to convert, most did (but not really) others simply accepted banishment (who mostly went to the Netherlands who had just freed itself from Spanish occupation, and played a crucial rule in the West Indian Company) others were slaughtered. Those that did accept initial conversion, merely did so out of necessity, most of them then tried to overthrow the Spanish monarchy from the inside by committing acts of terror and thus became wanted in various decrees as dead or alive.

Naturally, jews see this different, they see themselves persecuted by primarily Christianity and partially the Spaniards while they themselves having done no wrong whatsoever, as they tell the story they were innocent little flowers minding their own business who suddenly faced Christian invasion and aggression. Even the Dutch turned against the kikes in the 1600s when these jews intentionally fucked over the WIC in favor for the British East Indian Company, these Dutch lynched their own kike minister over it. Every injustice the jew has have faced throughout history can always be traced back to something horrible that these jews did first against their host.

The colonization of South America is where the Spanish genocided anyone who remotely refused to bow down, those that that were seen as remotely problematic or those did not capitulate found themselves slaughtered and their wives taken as trophy concubines. Many in towns and cities south america have statues commemorating this genocide and most are aware they were colonized.

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*Some loud NigNog with a harsh voice excoriates an old, angry Jewess for her "anti-racist" and Muslim friendly episode being racist.

God, it's like we're living in a universe that was modeled after headlines from The Onion.

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Couldn't get through the full 4 minutes- I was reading the comments and I am stunned by how much people are sucking this whore off. The comment section reads like tumblr or nigger facebook.

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They hire “social media consultants” to drive the conversation in the comments. Ignore.

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Which is why you should shitpost as loudly as possible on jewtoob.

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Four full minutes of retardation. Closed at 20 seconds, got better things to do.

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I know, I got about 1 second in and turned it off. It's not like it's really even niggers, it's the words of a Jew coming out of a niggers body. It's creepy and unnerving to watch. Thanks to the Internet, we all know how niggers really talk, these TV puppets are reading these words of a phonetic ebonics teleprompter.

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Gross. Low testoerone cuck introduces high testosterone sheboon who then begins to scream 'jokes' at the camera.

I can't wait to destroy my enemies.

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Are they judging us by our skin color?

Say it ain't so.. bunch of commie niggers..

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It's ok if a nigger dose it of course.

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how about the niggers get back on the jew ships and go back to africa..

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A modest proposal

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There's a cause I'd donate to

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