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Rising prices, and less selection. Well yeah. I've got zero need for it since they've lost all the corny old horror movies they used to have.


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I dumped it after "dear white people." Be a good person and do it to. Torrents still exist. Netflix went full SJW, can't condone that, no matter how little my money matters.


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Oh, I don't use it. The wife still does. I've got a hard drive full of torrented old movies and Star Trek TOS and TNG episodes. People ask me often if I've watched whatever Marvel show is on Netflix, and I haven't watched shit except for that first season of Daredevil and the first half of Jessica Jones.

Even then, we were talking about canceling it the other day because selection is just shit. I liked it a lot when they had those old b-movies, but now it's of no value to me.


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but if you don't have netflix, how will you watch 35 terrible original series featuring a sassy quirky millennial feminist fighting against a personification of trump? /s