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Sean Hannity: ‘We Lost Three Quarters of Fox Primetime and We’re Still Killing It’ in the Ratings | Mediaite

'He mostly ignored it on his show but briefly alluded to it when Geraldo Rivera cracked a “President Hannity” joke. '

'And thank God––you know, we lost three-quarters of Fox primetime, and we’re still killing it, we’re number one, thank God to this audience. '

'And I mean that.”And indeed, a little over a year after Bill O’Reilly left Fox News, the network continues to dominate cable news ratings. '

'Sean Hannity tonight ended his show with some ratings talk between him and Laura Ingraham. '

'Hannity teased Laura Ingraham a bit over the Drudge Report featuring an article touting her ratings before talking about how well their network is doing overall. '

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