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This seems to be the way with "smart" tvs, either you're opting into an replacement cycle like a cellphone (ie replace every 18 months) or you're getting something you won't be able to upgrade the software on. Possibly better with a disposable replaceable android box for the smarts and a dumb tv for the display.

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Only reason i ended up with this piece of shit was because although they had 2 of what i was wanting to buy in stock, after 15 minutes the sales girl and the loading dock guy (this is important) "Couldnt find them"

About 15 minutes later ive bought this piece of shit, go around the back, tell the guy 'Im here for my tv' - I get this real coy 'Yeah, its here.....' 'Yeah, can i pick it up please?' 'Who sent you out here' 'The woman you saw me talking with' He looks at the receipt and realises its not the same TV as they 'Couldnt find earlier' and suddenly he is in action.

That fucking shifty cunt motherfucker had put aside both of the TVs as the special was going up at the end of the week. So they will either be flat out refunding me $800 for this crap or giving me the TV i actually wanted.

I know i really shouldnt care.... but fucking shit like this is getting more and more constant. No one is honest any more. Ever. Full stop. Lying is the new truth.

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What shop? Goats can avoid.

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Only idiots pay an extra $100+ for twenty bucks of raspberry pi

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Only idiots walk into a shop that no longer sells non smart TVs thinking they can buy a cheap non smart TV.

I would have been more than happy with a dumb TV but sadly theyre getting harder and harder to find.

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My old TV was a Viano 40 inch full HDTV with a resolution of 1980 x 1080. Turns out it's actual resolution was 1024 x 768 and they just upscaled it the rest of the way. Now I'm on 4k TV and while I can get the resolution to actually go to 4k it looks shithouse beyond 1680 x 1050 which isn't even 1080p. Fuck this gay earth and every lying tv manufacturer on it.

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If you want a smart TV, get a fucking computer and use your dumb TV as a monitor. Problem solved.

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Shit dude if only i ha.... oh wait i did think of that. The only 'dumb' tvs you can get now....

are computer monitors.

And they want to sell those for as much as a....

Smart TV.

And dont do a fucking thing unless you connect something to them.

Moot point as the lower end new TVs now are all 'smart' tvs which funnily enough force you to pay more for an expensive brand name smart TV as the low end ones no longer function as TVs.

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I got a big Samsung TV for use as a monitor. After setting it up as a monitor, I opened the back and disconnected both the Bluetooth & WiFi antennas. The controller uses Bluetooth for everything except powering it on, but since I'm just using it as a monitor and it remembers the input I'm using, that does not matter. I got it, on sale, at a local shop where I could return it.

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No. There is no recovery menu on android based TVs.

Not really true. Some have it and some don't. For example, the below works on some models depending on if the manufacturer allows it.


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'Android TV' tvs, i.e. - Samsung and TCL android TVs have a recovery menu.

Android based tvs absolutely do not as these companies a) dont fucking bother putting any kind of button on the TV itself to do it and b) use cheap shit remote controls and dont bother programming in a function for the recovery menu. The vastly more expensive models Viano has ive noticed have a custom remote control complete with an actual keyboard, the lower end models use cheap plastic generic shit that has nothing but bog standard TV controls.

I dont know how many different 'try this... try this... try this...' shit ive read on this. Fuck even the old 'hard shut down by holding the power button for 10 seconds doesnt do shit.

tl;dr Android based TVs, as opposed to 'Android TV's might have recovery menus, but there is literally no way to access it.