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The 90s movie was better.

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it's a pretty good show, but I'm already sick of the "oh no, everything went wrong again" stories in every episode.

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You mean like how in every doctor show, there's some new illness they have to figure out? Or in every crime show, there's a criminal they have to track down?

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You mean like how in every doctor show

You mean like how in every doctor show there's a nigger doctor....

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I would expect a crime show to have to track down a different criminal each episode. But the better analogy for a crime show would be how in almost every episode they catch a suspect near the beginning and everyone is shocked to learn that they got the wrong fucking guy! What a shocking twist!! Just like last week's episode!

In Lost In Space, everything goes wrong and usually everybody walks away just fine except of course for that one guy that wasn't really a main character anyway so who cares?

I think I said I do like Lost In Space; but with any show, once you see the formula for the episodes, you can't help but roll your eyes at the lack of creative effort behind a multi-million dollar project. Dip into an old Twilight Zone episode for a plot idea once in a while if you really can't think of anything other than "we're all gonna die, oh wait, nevermind, maybe next time we'll all die, who knows!"