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Good on Matt. This loser, on the other hand, gets bullied by an outrage cult of bullies and immediately caves:

The complaints appear to have gotten to its voice actor, Hank Azaria, who said he would be “perfectly happy and willing to step aside” to respect their feelings.

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Did you see the little interview he did where he laments how horrible he feels for causing so much harm and grief, simply by voicing Apu? It's pathetic, it's so bad I actually feel embarrassed watching it. Makes my skin crawl.

Virtue signalling is perhaps the biggest problem facing the Western world today. The act of virtue signalling itself is harmless, but when policy is used to virtue signal, nations are destroyed, demographics are forever changed, and the world becomes worse off.

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Everybody remember that none of these negroes feel bad for the following






Now I don't give a shit. Sometimes comedy offends. But ay you never see anybody demanding these people apologize/ruining their careers

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Azaria is a shapeshifter. He's only playing the white side right now because it furthers a narrative.

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Sad. What a faggot

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"At least we don't depict the filthy pajeet shitting in the street, searching bins for food and gang raping women like most Indians" would've been a better rebuttal.

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Dodge the dick in your mouth, you awful cunt!

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WTF Lisa and Marge in that video clip don't sound like themselves (I haven't been watching the show since the early seasons). Freaky.

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We represent humanity and truth.

This is only the beginning.

We have been resorted to these tactics because of the extent of the control of all major forums online. Don't take this as an attack on Voat.

We are growing stronger by the hour and we will be everywhere.