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Social media has made it trivially easy to form a faux outrage mob. I mean hell, that's pretty much 99% of what social media is these days.

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Exactly. Prior to the internet these people were isolated malcontents writing their poison pen letters to all and sundry. Internet has reduced the conversational isolation, so now we have collectives of malcontents.

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Social media has given the moron a platform to say something. Not a big deal. The mainstream media leaps upon this because they are dying, so they take the most shocking things (the morons), and publish it. Now morons are mainstream.

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Yep, totally. The media likes to fan the flames of faux social media outrage because it makes for good clickbait.

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The DNC and all its lobbyists know exactly how to play all the SJW groups like a violin.

They just give the command over twitter and the purple haired hordes, soyboys, LGBT, BLM take to the streets and start posing for CNN.

They're conditioned to believe that what they're doing is virtuous, therefore they're morally superior to the right wing.

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...and if the alleged victims don't actually care, then we're going to be offended for them.

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They should do a callaboration with south park and revisit the everything offends us episode

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they made a whole pc season with pc principal, and that theme has only gotten worse all over.

if people only understood PC culture WILL lead to death, including largely innocent people who havent done anything, we can pick the narrative we have a group of different scenarios thorugh history.

The problem is our media is guilty of SEDITION, being owned by globalists, and they purposely will not give identity politics and victimhood/blame a break...24/7 re-reinforcement..."victim - blame - victim - blame - victim - blame" too many people are entranced and dont understand the dynamics. The DANGER of the facade of "Equality" and "Political Correctness" is it gives the puppet masters full control of the narrative - WE SURRENDER CONTEXT AND INTENT...orchestration becomes weaponized, and can take aim at any ideology or "set of ideologies" and claim "offense" or "inequality", thats how rudimentary concepts things like "conservative value"s start being made into "the outsider", then pushed to "threat", then full on "terrorist"..."terrorist/threat" for being fond of the Bill of Rights?...uh what planet are we on? Up is down and left is right and normal is fag, with leftist ideologies. Leftist ideology is like chemo-therapy....IF a society has the specific cancer that chemo addressees...you treat specifically and intelligently/controlled...and pull off. for years we have been slamming and upping the chem dose for a cancer we dont have.

uniform equality is an insane and unachievable pursuit, the people pulling the strings know this, because we've studied it repeatedly.

what most people still dont understand is this is a case of very deep social engineering, global political attack. the goal is chaos and collapse. what many people including myself did not expect, is the rate its unfolding, at because of the level of corruption, or "cooperation"... combination of bribes and blackmail...i bet they have everyone in the UK parliament to Royals family wrapped up nice and tight with massive evidence of pedophilia. and of course many other countries and crimes. who is the most eager to comply ready to jump on command, whos seems to have no recollection they are supposed to run a country/society, throwing their peoples interest aside. other than bribes... pedophilia and human trafficking is the common line, why trump signed the E.O. on it pretty early on

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You know you are exaggerating?

There is a problem, but you are all over the place.

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Like they need evidence in today's court of public opinion.

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This would be comedy gold ... the salt ... would be so delicious.

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I just like how the left is offended by the existence of an Indian person because it's too much like an Indian person... Mark my words in a few years that concept will get so mixed up they will genocide the entire population of India for being culturally offensive to the Indian culture.

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True... but nothing pisses off a faker more than when you don't believe them or belittle their epic suffering.

You just can't win with everybody. I think it is high time we wrote off the wailers.

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It's so posh to be all oppressed and but raped.

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They think they're a rebellious counter culture but the irony is that they're the pawns of the leftist ruling class.

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And why do they love to be offended Matt? What reward and cultural power do they get?

Truth is your complaining about the politically correct monster you bigly helped create because now it has turned on you and you are starting to see it's TRUE nature.

Schadanfreude +1

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Well it sounds like you like the old ones, like everybody else. Shows used to be canceled when they became shitty and no one watched them anymore. If you're watching new ones because you like the old ones, that makes zero sense and it's counter productive to give them your views or awareness. Let it go. Watch the old ones.

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Well they caved and gave the libtards an inch, now they will take the whole planet. Should of just ignored them.

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