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Why is the daughter black? Is the mother a coal burner?

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I use to race home from school as a kid to watch the original. Today I watched (streamed for free) all of series one. At 1st I thought the changes from the original were going to be pc crap.

I was pleasantly surprised. Although there was alot of predictability, a blind man could tell something was going to happen. The female Dr Smith was well played, she's a real mind-fucked conniving bitch. The robot is great. Not over done or campy.

Its not until the last episode, does the final team get put in place, to get lost in space! Cant wait for series 2.

Danger Will Robinson....

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I'm usually not impressed by reboots or netflix shows, but I have to admit I binged this last night and I actually really enjoyed it.

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Wait, this was actually good. I thought it was just going to be some PC crap.

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I loved it. Just watched the first 2 episodes,.but it's all i.can think of,.getting home to watch another.