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They need something because it's been my experience that very few people know he was impeached. It was only 20 years ago and was a MAJOR story.

It was the beginning of the change in US news media coverage. They became polarized by editorial opinion and introduced pronounced bias in reporting.

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How do very people know that? Did they have their heads in the sand?

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Well for one thing, a lot of people are too young. I was a toddler when Clinton was impeached.

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I'm talking older adults, too. I got in a heated argument with a 60-year-old several years ago. She was so convinced I couldn't even explain why he stayed in office, but that was her reasoning, "Clinton served a full 8 years, so PhilaFerret is a moron or a liar."

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You forget we’re getting old already. A lot of the kids growing up today don’t even know shit about 9/11.

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It would be boring as fuck. Just play back videos of Bubba saying he did not have sexual relations with that woman, and you'll see that would be hard to make into a series of any sane length. Also Al Gore's parading of the Democrats, from inside to outside to show solidarity, was weird as shit also.

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If the Democrats were building a football team, they'd recruit all their players from the soccer league to ensure a successful punt on every single play.

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Because of that boring and irrelevant non-story, that makes democrats look like hypocritical assholes, about Stormy Daniels.

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Lewinsky was working for Israel. They set up Bill Clinton with a woman they knew he wouldn’t resist, just like they probably did with Alex Jones now that we see how fucking nutty his Jewish ex wife is. Mossad is good for that shit. Think Jeff Epstein.

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Because rea$on$.

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The Clintons have more leverage than just money. Usually they just kill you when you piss them off. And with the news that’s going to be coming down the pike I’m sure they don’t need this extra attention.

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Did they successfully impeach him? I thought they didn't have the votes (which would mean it's been over 100 years since a successful impeachment and removal from office).