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Mulatto writer romanticizes his origins.

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more from Nick https://www.voat.co/v/whatever/2468279 Why do they call Satan Old Nick?

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The least realistic part of it all is that I'm sure they portray the nigger as some stand up citizen, great person who treats everyone right, even the "bad guys".

Niggers ARE the bad guys. They shoot up stores for no reason, rob people, kill each other, and steal all a scale massively disproportionate to their population.

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But stating certain truth (niggers bad) is racist according to the liberals.

Their world view is that white men are evil and without them the world will be an utopia. Do you think they care about statistics? Nope. It's like a cult.

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Never heard if this show. Quick search and I found this Ashley Feinberg. The ((())) at Gawker/HP want you to know diversity is our strength.

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Got to love how at the end she shows the email where she contacted the producer.

It's okay goys, the creator says it's not about that, therefore it isn't!

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Who wouldve thought those parents keeping their kids from watching spongebob would seem like the intellectuals in 2018

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What's up with Spongebob?

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Burn the Jews race war now.

No if I had a wife and child I would not desire her to get fucked by a retarded nigger. Fucking heebs are always pushing their slimy agenda and then crying about anyone ever pointing it out. Fucking disgusting freaks.

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I saw this exact image years ago but I dont really remember where.

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