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Oh, god. This is so refreshing. I despise sweden and their "high minded" political correctness. It is a vile and stupid mindset that reflects poorly on all that tolerate it.


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Reminds me of conversations I had in college back in 2000. You'd spend more time arguing about "generalizations" and other petty shit liberals only care about instead of having a dialogue about the topic at hand. I think the problem comes from educating people who never had the ability to think for themselves. You wouldn't believe how much of a problem this is. A lot of people are simply not aware they're being indoctrinated in school, being told what to believe is true and what not to believe.

Having a job in the real world is a good red pill. A lot of rich kids and liberals don't work as kids. Some don't even work as adults! Hence why they're out of touch with reality.

Actually had a friend who was a huge snot in college about the whole liberal thing. He got a job as a doctor in an ER, and in some conversations on Facebook, I could tell he was red-pilled. Not completely, but he wasn't the smug jackass he used to be.