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https://archive.fo/MEbHw :

BBC Studios is adapting Terry Pratchett’s iconic Discworld books for a six-part TV series - The Verge

'Sir Terry Pratchett’s long-running fantasy series Discworld is finally getting a TV adaptation from BBC Studios, according to a new report from Deadline. '

'The massive size and scope of the series also means that there’s practically limitless potential for TV series in the Discworld books, too. '

'The company was founded by Pratchett in 2012 and is now run by producer Rod Brown, author Rhianna Pratchett (Pratchett’s daughter), and Rob Wilkins (Pratchett’s personal assistant and business manager). '

'Like the upcoming Good Omens TV show, the Discworld series will be co-produced by Narrativia (which owns the exclusive rights to all of Pratchett’s works). '

'According to Deadline, BBC Studios intends for the Discworld show to be a returnable franchise, which would make a lot of sense given the nature of the books. '

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I will definitely have to pirate that. ;-)

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But it's BBC. Considering what they're doing lately, it may not even be worth it. But, I am interested.

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They did the three movies and cartoon. They did those very well. So, I'm going to try to be optimistic.