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For some reason mocking christianity is a cool thing to do, but mocking islam is a taboo.

Welcome to modern day "progressive" white nations, which are pretty much glorified authoritarian left caliphate without free speech.

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Mocking Islam? Try Judaism. Behar is a typical Jewess who, like comedienne Sarah Silverman, has no problem attacking Christians, patriots, etc..

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You can mock judaism just fine in Europe. Search online for "antisemitismis the new cool in europe." Everybody from the far right to the far left are mocking jews lmao.

The globalist bankers don't even care, because they are atheists and don't give a fuck about torah and shit. They also don't care if everybody hates em, because nobody can touch them. Most haters can easily be pacified with sacks of shekels after all, and they fucking print shekels.

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Oh, I'll happily mock them both. They're just variations of the same nonsense.

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They feel they are being inclusive and compassionate. They see America's flaws and blame the majority but they have no idea of life in these third world countries. Do you think Joy would fly to Saudi Arabia and stroll through an average city in her normal dress? All these people live in a bubble.

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That's part of the reason, but not all.

Uneducated hillbillies live in a bubble too, but they vote conservatives.

Imo the brainwashing education system is to blame, and their selfish need of virtue signaling.

Another huge factor is the long period of easy living and domestication. Life is harder in the countryside so these people are more rugged and more real instead of being naive because in their whole life, college liberals live in a gated neighborhood free of third world problem. Kinda like those young liberals with rich parents.

Honestly speaking, I do appreciate rapefugees and all these terrorist sleeper cells. Because of them, I get to observe natural selection in process, where the evolutionary dead end lacking survival genes are being weeded out. I feel bad for them, just like how I feel bad for a flock of sheeps who are about to be devoured by alpha wolves. I feel fortunate to be able to witness pro-open border activist #metoo "feels" sheeps getting slaughtered by alpha mujahideens, it's just like watching national geographic documentary live, homo sapiens edition.

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I wouldn't mind seeing Joy's head on a pole in some Muslim book store, sold as an anti-sexual thoughts device. 100% guaranteed to work.

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came here to say that

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It's pretty spot on. Thanks btw bud. Healing, learning a new art I guess.

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How did she even get famous? Having a large mouth?

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She said she did a corporate event gig and Barbara Walters was there, she got invited to audition for the View soon after. Behar is actually someone who used to work for a living (receptionist, teacher) so I don't know if nepotism really comes into play with her.

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IF ABC only went after Pedophiles as hard as they go after President Trump. Earth would be a greater place by tomorrow morning

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Then who would they beat and rape to death to make themselves feel powerful.

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Anyone But Christians

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“Atleast there not Muslims”

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So what? The kikes that run the place aren't going to punish this kike for saying what they all think.

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ah, a jude wannabe

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I would complain if I still watched that shit.

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johnn weir-do and that idiot Leslie Jones are intolerable as well. The worst and most disgusting coverage ever.

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