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Okay, so I've only watched three shows....because that's all that've been released. But so far:

  • no fucking Jews (that I can see)
  • no fucking niggers
  • no fucking sand-niggers
  • no fucking spics
  • no fucking pajeets shitting in the streets
  • no fucking SJWs or leftists of any kind

Undoubtedly the show will turn to shit sooner or later, because there have to be some filthy fucking Jews involved in it somewhere. But in the first three eps? So far, it seems to be entirely fucking white, from start to finish. I'll watch until the worthless cockroach Jews make their presence known, then I'll stop - but until then, it's some of the best TV I've seen in years.

Oh, and for you reddit fucking filth, that includes the nigger-infested "Black Mirror". Goddamn, I wasted hours of my time on that shit because you worthless fucking beta mangina cunts went on and on about it, without ever mentioning the plethora of pavement-ape "actors" that infested that show...and I fucking hate you all for it, and hope each and every one of you worthless "white knights" dies in a fire, screaming, for that shit.....