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Oprah was the procurer.


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Who’s this whore looking for publicity?


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https://archive.fo/3vqbN :

Harvey Weinstein sex trafficking accuser on TV interview | Daily Mail Online

'The actress who has accused Harvey Weinstein of violating a federal sex trafficking statute in a lawsuit filed in US District Court revealed new details about their encounter in a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. '

'In her complaint, Noble very explicitly stated that the first meeting between herself and Weinstein occurred prior to February 2014. '

'After that, Noble claims she was allowed to leave and told by Weinstein that his people would be in touch with her about the role. '

'And by filing the suit under a sex trafficking statute, Noble will also have 10 years to file a civil suit against Weinstein should she wish. ', "At that point, Weinstein 'pulled Kadian closer and groped her breasts' according to the suit, despite the plaintiff's protests."

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