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So, is the British Broadcasting Channel a prime example of why big government is destructive?

This shit is being funded by tax dollars correct?

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Also Sweden, #TheNewCountry: TV ad urges Swedes to integrate with islamist african illegal invader migrants http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5oo3dr it has a kind of tax payer funded JohnOliver..dailyshow thing ... and https://www.bitchute.com/video/Tqa150scYeS2/ Germany the German tv http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/sweet-german-tv-show-kids-shows-migrant-adult-dating-underage-teen-girl/ German TV Show for Kids Shows an illegal islamist Migrant Adult Dating Underage Teen Girl? Germany's tax payer funded tv now broadcasts Pro-Pedophile Propaganda to Children?

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Fucken greece has just allowed 'voluntary' sharia law. Its taken 3000 years plus.... but greece is now done and dusted.

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the horror!

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Looks like a dude in drag.

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she whipped out a gun, tried to blow me away...... A Ma Jor DChordG Duuuuude looks like a Laaaady !! A Ma Jor DChordG Doouuuude !! Looks like a Laaaady !!

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How about you stop paying them money and attention?

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lmfao just stop paying your taxes, bro

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british people cannot opt-out of giving money to the BBC. They can opt-out of having a TV-license i guess, but they'll be stalked and harrased by BBC goons (checking whether they have a TV.)

But its funded by tax-payer money aswell if i recall correctly.

The allied in ww2 fucked up.

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Sounds like an investment in the propaganda of the future....Aren't most of the old Royal bloodlines today in Europe dying out from years of inbreeding ?? most of the elite Royalty in Europe was this one bloodline... and one of the new Prince? Harry? He married or will marry a half cast, mulatto, She's like a tv personality from Commiefornia was on General Hospital and Suits? she is like half African Black, Dutch Mexican or something?

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The scandinavian blue bloods are fine. They are not "inbreeding" and havent done so for many centuries. The european blue bloods had a major scare regarding mongolism/retardation (Charles the second) that was incredible fucked up and they have now collectively taken repercussions against it.

Modernday scandinavian blue bloods are free to marry "commoners" as to not risk their children become autist leftist.

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BLM social justice politics in a historical show? Sophie Okonedo as Queen Margaret, wife of King Henry VI of England, in "The Hollow Crown: The War of the Roses" on BBC. Accusations of a left-wing bias were often made against the Corporation by members of government and public, 1980s Conservative government and even back to the 60s. Death of Dr David Kelly in May 2003, the defense correspondent of the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Andrew Gilligan, quoted a government official who stated that the British Government had "sexed up" a dossier concerning weapons of mass destruction for George Bush in Iraq, the files are Sealed for over 70 years into the Future. Allegations that the corporation lacks impartial and objective journalism are regularly made by observers, on both the left and right of the political spectrum. Another key area of criticism is that BBC is tax funded and criticism of the mandatory license fee, as commercial competitors argue that this means of financing is unfair and has the result of limiting their ability to compete with the corporation. In early October 2012, it was found that a Newsnight investigation to allegations of sexual abuse by the late globalist criminal pedophile Jimmy Savile had been shelved shortly before it was due to be broadcast, Norman Tebbit called the BBC the "Stateless Person's Broadcasting Corporation" This is a new history show by BBC, e first series, which aired in the United Kingdom in 2012, received positive reviews from critics. Ben Whishaw and Simon Russell Beale won British Academy Television Awards for Leading actor and Supporting actor for their performances, and Jeremy Irons was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Actor for his role as Henry IV.

The first episode, Richard II, was nominated for the Best Single Drama at the BAFTAs. One person wrote Britain England have now fucked themselves, they passed a bill that forces a "minority quota" in any movie filmed in the U.K. So every movie has to have some religion of peace BS for the islamist moslems or magic negros, it's sad....they are done? A BBC media and Netflix production? also Netflix is now owned by Soros? The pedo ridden propaganda media network BBC is also tax payer funded, show paid for by British taxpayers too? Can Moses be Niggered? Malcolm X, mohammed Ali Mandela, cast as Yellow or White guy? Yo Tyrone!... She iz kangz and sheeeeeiit

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Man there werent even any fucking black slaves at the time. If blacks had been part of the population of Anjou MOST OF EUROPE WOULD BE BROWN NOT WHITE.

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There was no black slaves (thralls) in viking culture. Thus there couldn't have been black slaves in england at the time.

How can i say this for sure?

The vikings were pretty much the only culture that could cross all oceans and reach all continents (except for antarctica) by boats at the time and they had no black thralls. Did vikings visit north africa? Yes. Did they take them as slaves? No. It would be too costly to transport them to northern europe and whats the point when they could just sail to england and take whoever they wanted?

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So, now every idiot believes that there was once a nigger-jew-queen in England. History is being rewritten, all historical characters are now jewish or black, or both at the same time. 'Whites' must completely disappear from the scene.

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all planned, the Royals see changes coming, a looming crisis and huge demographic changes....as bad and as cold blooded as their history is they are survivors....Actress Sophie Okonedo Knighted by the English Queen as Order of the British Empire, her mother is White Jewish, her father is a Black African Nigerian Congoid who was part of the British Empire. She was Knighted alongside Kevin Spacey, Mugabe, Mussolini and globalist pervert pedophile Jimmy Savile. No doubt Margaret of Anjou would be turning in her grave but she was buried in France and during the French revolution she was dug up and violated, her remains were removed and scattered, bones destroyed by a mob who ransacked the cathedral during the French Revolution 1789 until 1799

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