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tried watching couldn't get past the first ep....I don't get this?...is this part of Jar Jar Abrams vision...or a new timeline...I'm giving up already and that's saying something..... I'm kinda sucker for scifi, watched Star Wars, watched some anime, the Matrix, District 9, classic like Body Snatchers I know of Star Trek watched Voyager and know of DS9, TNG etc Firefly was a cool show and I don't care so much on scifi as long as its good ....STD seemed kinda retarded, way too political and no Gene Roddenbery vision, no exploration, angry african black woman goes to Spocks planet to control her emotions and gets even more anrgy black, sassy and afro crazy... oh yeah and she holds the ship hostage and want to mutiny... while space walking EVA, and she kills this Klingon thng with his own weapon... but its not Balitimore or a BLM take a knee protest ...its on accident, kind of...she is a black woman but they call her Mike? Michael? Mickey....why not just go full David icke alex jones retard and say this is the child of Serena steroid Williams and Michelle Obama's PENIS... .that Asian Captain girl from those kungfu movies they say she's dead soon...there is a tall gay space sounding C3po alien who sounds kinda funny..and btw the Klingon looks shit, they basically erased all there cool culture and turned him into these muscle bound frog fish faces, total waste of money on CGI and make-up. ...what else? One of the Star Trek actors accused Kevin Spacey of being a child molesting faggot criminal? and i dunno...that Weinstein style drama seemed more interesting than Star Trek....I hear fans already made this show, hired a bunch of actors 'Axanar' some sort of Space War thing but Hollywood wanted it banned and erased from the internets

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STD, Star Trek Diversity.

Than nigger superwoman in STD, is so bad overactor. She just got the part because she was a nigger. This show might be the end of Star Trek, for a while. We'll se after the "Day of the rope", if someone can make a good version of the series.

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Yeah, I get that ST has always been SJWy but this is real in-your-face obnoxious.

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They are in panic mode. The SJW's are losing it, and they know it, and they think that doubling down with their batshit will help them.

It wont.