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oh fuck how are the snowflakes gonna rape this one.

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Before getting too excited, remember that many of the episodes were censored and/or not-aired due to their content. That was in the '90s, when television was trying to be edgy, xtreme, and (somewhat) offensive.

With Disney owning 60% of Hulu, it seems unlikely that the show will have that same dark, adult humor that was "hidden" in the original.

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oh that will be outright banned and the whole thing will be sanitised and feminised.

yakko and wakko will be tranny mexicans for a start. Oh and the original showrunner isnt involved so im guessing its not an actual WB idea. Come to think of it how the fuck did disney end up with WBs rights????

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Fuck. Yes.

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I bet Spielberg couldn't wait to get back into that children's world