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We are living in the twilight zone folks.

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Got to give a nod to The Obsolete Man

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this is my fav show, i went to tpb to d/l it.....63 gigs!!!!!!!!

they brought it back in the 80s iicr it was pretty good.

if your a real junkie, ray bradbury had a show, and rod sterling came back again with a similar show called "thriller"

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Yes some of the 80s stuff was also very good.

I have them all. The orignal serie of 1959-1964, the 80s, the 2000s as well as the movie.

Eventually, well make another top 10 about the 80s.

Any favorite you want us to include?

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would you be interested in a mega link?

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=tOYNkUmJmOc :

The Twilight Zone - 10 memorable episodes - YouTube

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Thanks Derram !