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The Last Kingdom was and is fucking fantastic. No SJW bullshit, pro white, pro trad life / gender roles, steeped in ancient themes of heroes, villains, redemption, failure, hubris, humility, and scrappy white tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds.

2nd best show on TV in recent years is Vikings. It has SOME sjw / degenerate bullshit, but it's rare and not blasted about. The entire cast is white and they do a fairly good job portraying the Viking traditions in a positive light.

On a final note, I highly recommend Longmire. I grew up watching black and white westerns with my grandfather and father, and that is a show that does a fantastic job to honor those old school pro white westerns but with modern storytelling. They portray Native Americans in an honest way, meaning the vast majority of them are fucked up beyond repair, and there is a lot of depth the the main Native characters. Lou Diamond Phillips is fucking fantastic in that show, and the leading role is the actor who played the "agent" teamed up with Agent Smith in the Matrix. The race jokes are great too, as the pro-white/native and anti-white/native jesting between the characters reminds me of the friendships I had with some of the natives I grew up with, and I doubt SJW's would tolerate such a thing for even a second.

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Thanks for the recommendations, I'm going to check out Longmire and The Last Kingdom.

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I 100% agree with Longmire and Vikings. I haven't watch The Last Kingdom yet though.

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It's one of, if not THE best historical series I've ever seen. I have a hard time thinking of something which even comes close.

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Bob's Burgers? I legitimately can't think of a modern show that fits your criteria. It's all got some form of sjw or anti-white agenda, from memory. Might have to go back to Gilligan's Island like you mention, or Mork & Mindy or something.

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Bob's Burgers?

Seriously? This show is the most jewish thing since seinfeld. I had to ban it from my house because the degenerate shit my kids were picking up from it.

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Not since Roseanne has there been a TV show about working class white people. Really think about it? Last Man Standing got cancelled but that was more about white collar conservatives w/ token blacks and lesbians sprinkled in. It was still a pretty good show as far as modern TV goes.

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Problem was it didn't do well. It was only their third highest rated show overall and second highest rated comedy (Modern Family) was ABC's #1.

With horrible stats like that how could you keep it going?

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It was killing in ratings and then they moved it to a different night iirc.

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There is nothing but jews & niggers

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There arent any. Whites have never owned the media.

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Which doesn't answer my question at all, you karma-dick-sucking whore....

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I would if you mean general Westernized culture it could be anything from France to Taiwan to Canada...old White, English culture then say maybe Downtown Abbey but then again someone said after 2 or 3 seasons they had one of the house noir negroid butlers fuck one of the main cast because diversity quota? @maxoverdrive @Cheesebooger @Thune Old tv wasn't hijacked by marxism or BLM or social justice bullshit, they just made a show and cast actors and wrote scripts taking care of the show first and not worrying about quotas. Old Star Trek was ok, it just treated Black or Asian or whatever as normal without injecting bullshit politics but Star Trek was eventually going to be hijacked by social justice BS. The old Twilight Zone and old Twin Peaks are great shows, Twilight Zone is very episodic and trippy, Twin Peaks is about a murder in a rural town with some Native American mysticism thrown in, very typical David Lynch if you've ever seen his stuff. You also sometimes get ok British, Aussie or Canadian tv they say Glitch, Due South and some of the Dr Whos are ok. If you can put up with Subtitles there is some ok stuff from overseas you have Asian dramas, S.Korean or K-Drama like The Master's Sun, or the Japanese Death Note, or Duel Dyueol a South Korean detective television series. Or Nine Time Travels from Korea also has a big following, some people like anime but I have not seen much of Japanese animation so I can not recommend. They say a French show The Returned (les revenants) is good but again you have to put up with Subtitles and a German series 'Dark' is said to be pretty good. If you wanted to see kinda comicbook scifi stuff maybe The Gifted or the Strain or the whole Punisher or Gotham seem to have a fan following if you are a fan of the dark fantasy scifi escapism. There are lots of historical stuff like Versailles a TV series, The Borgias, a family elites, manipulators, family of outsiders from Spain who try to over Renaissance-era Italy, also stuff like Band of Brothers, The Village, The White Queen, Reign, The Last Kingdom, and Rome and Vikings. I haven't seen all these shows but from what I generally, they seem to be ok. Deadwood was also highly rated, an American western television series a dark modern take on the whole cowboy frontier drama. It's really up to yourself, your own tastes, find what doesn't piss you off, a well acted good written show that you enjoy yourself without the political bullshit.

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"without the political bullshit."

The problem is we aren't the ones pushing our political bullshit onto the television shows, it is them who is pushing it onto us. Because you put time into your reply, and I believe your intentions are of a positive nature, I am going to go down your list.

Downtown Abbey - Portrays whites as gossipy, incompetent, eliteish, prissy snobs. Produced by liberals, for liberals, to add to justification that whites = colonialism = racism = Nazi.

Old Star Trek - Communism is the future, there are no difference between the races, straight white men are cocky, arrogant and need to be rescued constantly.

Old Twilight Zone and Season 1/2 of Twin Peaks - hell yeah, it's okay to be white.

Glitch, Due South, Dr. Who, The Master's Sun, Death Note, Duel Dyueol, Nine Time Travels, The Returned, Dark, The Gifted, The Strain, Versailles, The Borgias, The Village, The White Queen, Reign, Gotham - haven't seen, no comment.

Punisher - White's being betrayed leads to unbridled rage which cannot be focused unless the smarter Jew tells you how the world works.

Band of Brothers - promotes revisionist history, Jewish vitcimhood, and glorifies whites killing whites.

Rome and Deadwood - fuck yes, great television, no diversity promotion AFAIK. Deadwood is one of my most favorite television shows ever made.

The moral of the story is if you are looking for non-politicized television, it requires wading through a lot of shit that is. The further back in time you go, the less shit you have to wade through. There are television shows openly and proudly by Mexicans for Mexicans, by Blacks for Blacks, by Asians for Asians, by Indians for Indians, etc. What television shows are by openly and proudly by Whites for Whites?

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Wow, wall of text, Bat-man. Couldn't be bothered. Text me again when you've mastered basic fucking grammar.....

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You just named a bunch of old jewvision fake history, crap. You just failed to see the political, PC crap of old.

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World War 2 has cool white people in it for a bit

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What part of white genocide and destroy Edom don't you understand?

Jews literally have a commandment to exterminate you and your children for no other reason than your race. The really powerful Jews who give a shit about such things are doing exactly that and working day and night towards your extermination.

Why? Who the fuck know? Most of them are actually pretty decent people who you'd want to have a beer with if their leaders weren't working for your extermination.

All that matters is they are and they have mutually Assured Destruction weapons and you probably don't. So get off your ass and figure something out.

I'm just the demon sent from hell to make sure things are fair during the coming Mutually Assured Destruction event.

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Yeah the classics are a good place to go. Andy Griffith Show being one of my favorites especially. Trailer Park Boys avoid the SJW bullshit but can’t say it’s all white. I’d like to hear some recommendations from other goats too.

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