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Everything netflix makes is shit. Or haven't you noticed?

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I completely agree, and I was disappointed in this trash, especially considering I was a fan of the comics when I was younger. I knew it would be pozzed but had no idea they would go this far. They made the Punisher story more into some jewish take on a Tom Clancy novel with all the alphabet agencies and secret government agendas.

If you are only three episodes in, then you haven't really experienced the full on pozz where they tie in a subplot involving veterans turning into evil right-wing terrorists ala Tim McVeigh. After that storyline resolves, I realized it had zero reason to be in the show, as it affects nothing in the main plot - it's just used as an opportunity to bash white veterans and paint them as ticking timebombs.

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I liked the first episode in Daredevil when Frank showed up...(I don't want to spoil this to people who haven't seen the series)

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Superhero comics aren't the only kind of comics. There are adult stories with great concepts and story lines that unravel over the course of the run.

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FYI, the actor who played Frank Castle is a Jew.

His parents are both from Ashkenazi Jewish families (Jon's maternal grandfather was born in Munich, Germany, and Jon's other ancestors emigrated from Austria, Russia, Poland, and Lithuania).


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Literally all of the white people in that show are psychotic.