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I haven’t found him to be funny in years. What a fool, to wank off like he did.

[–] Howie 9 points 4 points (+13|-9) ago 


expected more out of voaters

who gives a flying self fuck

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I dont like the guy. Hes an absolutely horrible role model for young men, and he's been idolized by beta males for years.

I dont care what he did, I dont even want him to get in trouble with the law; I just want him to go away and take his weak male-bashing feminist morals with him.

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who gives a flying self fuck

Heh, nice one

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Agreed, some odd shit is going on for this thread to be supported.

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I enjoyed some of his early stuff but then he started shilling for Hillary and SJW shit. His TV show was also really dark and awkward and overall weird to watch.

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I dunno man...

This clip in this new context put my sides into orbit

[–] bob3333 6 points 12 points (+18|-6) ago 

So now we live in a society where all that's required to deprive anyone of their livlihood is for a couple of people to claim you said something they didn't like? How long until this starts taking out SJW favorites and comes to a damn quick end?

[–] 22jam22 3 points 14 points (+17|-3) ago 

It's less then that. I got a fucking misdeamnor and was kicked off air bnb which was a good chunk of my income and denied being an uber driver. 1 fucking bullshit thing in 42 years and I'm denied while fucking terrorist mudslimes work for them and run people over..

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I know someone with a 10-year-old misdemeanor and they get shot down for jobs all the time because of it. Really stupid.

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At this point it's become a fad and I feel like I'm missing out. Would someone please accuse me of sexual harassment so I can retire and/or come out as gay?

[–] Sardon5 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Did you ever make a pass on someone? There. You are now a sexual predator who deserves to lose everything you've worked for. And you deserve that because these incredibly strong, very very very 'strong' women were emotionally destroyed when you suggested sex and put a hand on their knee 20 years ago. So, so strong.

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It's definitely a fad. It's an easy way to get bonus points in the oppression olympics.

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Louis Szekely and his fellow yids helped created this world. Not my fault their golem has turned against them.

[–] Zaqwert 14 points 11 points (+25|-14) ago 

Massive overreaction. What he is accused of is unprofessional and kinda pathetic, but people are trying to make it out like he's a sexual predator or something. He's just a sad perv with bad judgement.

[–] MrMeatPacker 2 points 14 points (+16|-2) ago 

You try pulling out your meat and jerking it wildly in front of someone and let's see what happens to you! He is a disgusting, filthy vile jew bastard just like the rest of the perverted scum. Hungarian Jew fucker!

[–] Zaqwert 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

It seems he at least asks permission before hand. He's clearly got issues but he's not accused of just doing it randomly.

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Soros ?

[–] jewshekelstein1488 6 points 5 points (+11|-6) ago  (edited ago)

fuck off and quit making excuses for this degenerate pile of filth.

edit: it's all true.

[–] 11031657 3 points 6 points (+9|-3) ago 

Accused and convicted are two different things.

[–] Zaqwert 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Not making excuses, the dude clearly has issues and should suffer professional consequences for engaging in such unprofessional behavior. I just don't see any crimes though.

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Exactly, the guy is a fucking weirdo...but you would think he tied these women to chairs and forced them to watch him jerk off. He asked, they consented...who fucking cares. I would think people would be more concerned about 7 trannies getting elected at State levels or the massive amount of child rape going on in Hollywood...nope we are more concerned about some guy who asked some dumb sluts if he could jerk off in front of them. Really seems like a distraction to me, but what do I know.

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As a business they can do whatever they want, which includes separating themselves from a pathetic pervert.

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Im ok with this. CK was funny but his show sucked. Also I got really tired of how politically preachy he was.

Which if you think about it you know how they say that people who are massively anti gay are often gay themselves. Or they have some kind of gay thoughts sometimes and it freaks them out so they go all super hate on gay people. This is the phenomenon of the supwr conservative right wing politician who gets busted with rhr male escort etc.

Well it appears that the democrats and their behaviors are hiding a similar complex of duplicitous behavior. Basically all those super feminist males are really sexual harassers who dont respect women for shit and who are jist about one level above full on rapist. Let us just say these high and mighty male feminists are quite willing to bring women into prostitution.

The human race would be in a lot better position if people would be more honest eith themselves.

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TIL most of Voat is gay.

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yeah this creep more or less admited everything he did, he didn't try to distract, didn't blame someone else, didn't lawyer up..just said ok I'm a fucking weirdo harassing assaulting creep @DoomMantia @bob3333 @Yo https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/louis-c-k-breaks-silence-these-stories-are-true.1315883/page-6#post-33393317 Louis C.K. breaks silence: 'These stories are true'

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Whether he did it or not is irrelevant. People were pulling his shows before he said anything. All it took was a couple of women to say he did something they didn't like and they just "fired" him.

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Pretty soon Hollywood will run out of actors!

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Good. Hollywood needs to die. It's all propaganda at this point.

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Time to take some acting classes.

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only 3,000 starving waitresses in Hollywood alone

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hahahahahahaha. good. fuck that never trump rich nyc liberal commie jewish faggot. the crazy environment of feminism and social justice run amok created by the jew against white men is turning back on them. kikes are the biggest perverts and degenerates and they pretend to be white so it only makes sense. they have created a monster and its going to fuck them to death.

edit: it's all true.

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Yup, I mean in the one hand the women could have said fuck off and left but fuck this guy and I'm all for seeing the left eat their own. Good.

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deep state goes to hollywood

frankie says war hide yo self


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Didn't he say some libtard shit recently? Fuc him

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