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It's funny that Cartman references Genesis 34. Israel tells his sons, when the people find out what you've done they will destroy me. His sons ask, "Should we let them treat our sister like a whore?"

So today the dilema stands, the sons of Israel must decide, will they avenge the honor of their sister with untold loot and plunder opportunities or aid the destruction of Israel?

This is a real choice they must choose.

There will never be another Jewish homeland if they get it wrong.

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Today's Jews are in no way the only, or even all of, the sons of Israel.

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Whenever you wonder whether SP is denouncing Cartman's ideas, remember: Kyle had Jew gold.

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Most jews do wear necklaces white a big gold pi looking symbol.

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I didn't know about this before. Interesting! Thanks for the learnin

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Kyle had Jew gold

I would wear this on a shirt. Subtle SP reference on the surface, even more subtle jew reference below. I like it.

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They make a very not so subtle Weinstein joke in the new season

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lemme guess by the end the fat one is the dumb one and the jew is the hero

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It's South Park, so they make passing references to Cartman occasionally being right (particularly when it comes to the token minority characters, such as Token, the one black kid in the town), but by the end of the episode, they always make Cartman out to be more wrong than right and too much of an asshole to be thought of positively.

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I doubt it would be allowed on TV if he always talked trash on the Jews and was always the hero. But there are still a few episodes where he ends up saving the day.

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I think the thing is that Cartman always takes it too far. Not that his ideas are wrong, but more that he's willing to go to insane lengths for them.

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I always liked cartman the most :)

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show must be run by jews

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A lot of people on this site deny Parker and Stone's blatant antisemitism by claiming "Stone is a Jew". This may be the case but he's definitely not on their side. South Park was one of many sources that helped wake me up to the truth behind Judaism. Their antisemitism is also sometimes very cryptic and you have to be intellurgent enough to realize that they're leading you down the rabbit hole to understand the influence jews have. Stone may be a Jew, but the creators speak through Cartman.

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ehhh i don't really buy the not all jews are bad shtick but i will agree some of their stuff is both funny and suitable for using as redpills. most of it is cancer but i still watch most of the episodes anyways.

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I think you are correct

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It's funny how some kike influenced media likes to anchor ad absurdum to characters and then every once in a while sprinkle in some real insight coming out from these characters, only to make those particular ideas seem absurd because,

come on, man, it's cartman from south park, his character is suppose to be ridiculous lol.

Does anyone know what neuro-linguistic programming means?

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He's not wrong... he's just a goyim.

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That Cartman cracks me up

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so cartman died shortly thereafter and the show was canceled?

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Yup, unfortunate spa accident.

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No. The show has been on TV for six million years now, since 1997.

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What season/episode was it from?