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Why can't they dump her. Liberals hate her, conservatives really hate her and no one in the middle give a damn what she has to say. She better hope that she get get a job from Glenn Beck when they do get rid of her. Not as that would work out either. She's not nutball enough to fit in there.

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Run Rino, run.

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Good. Stop watching television altogether.

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This is the answer. After a few weeks away from TV, if you see it again, it'll annoy you a little. After a few years away, being exposed to TV will be like having bamboo slivers thrust under your fingernails.

I hate going to the inlaws' house - the idiot box is on constantly. It's the only time I'm ever exposed to television and I swear to God it's a hundred times more retarded every Thanksgiving when I go over there.

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Let them keep that smug cunt. NBC is garbage and I hope this tens of millions of dollar mistake that is that washed up cunt sinks them.

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a tape of her fucking Ray-J should 'leak' that would help. That nigga got star juice in his dick.

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she's past her "use by" date.

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It's not that. It's that now itscpainfully obvious how fucking dumb and uneducated these male and female bimboes show hosts are. Watch political deliberations on some RT.com shows, and then compare with the intelligence-vacuous excuses of political coverage shows on the MSM. Russian discussions on politics make these dumb fuck show hosts seem like stupid kindergarteners. It is now painful to watch political shows in the west.

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is land' He will send His angel before you, and you shall take a wife for my son from there. 8And if the woma8dxKVt3ko

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The older she gets the more she looks like a dude. She was hired on Fox News cause she was pretty and now that's fading, surprise surprise she goes liberal when she hits "the wall" over 40 and no one wants to listen to her cunt cause it's sleeve of wizard now.

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