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I can't even get upset by it. They, mostly females, write just like adolescent edgelords spewing old memes desperately seeking attention. They're not even trying this season, what a disappointment.

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i always get a true feeling of warmth in my chest seeing stuff like this. i really do. like sipping a fine bourbon or having a good conversation. too see those entitled, arrogant "intellectuals" have their world crashing down on them.

now, this is not mean spirited. but it is especially delicious after all the hate they spewed at conservatives, i cant tell you how many times i was called racist, or hid my support for fear of backlash. (for the record, im racist)

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I haven't seen it, but I bet 100 dollars that there's a scene where a girl says something like "Can you believe the things Trump says" to a guy, and the guy says "Yea, now we have a real man in the whitehouse now". Then he pulls out a MAGA hat and a scare cord is heard, with her having a horrified reaction. Something around those lines at least.

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I suppose I should be glad I don't know what AHS is.

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tv show, a horror-drama television series American Horror Story (AHS) it featured ghosts, murder, cults, killers, a freak show, haunted hotels, witchcraft, voodoo...now its gone full retard and done politik ???

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Ah...okay. Too bad, I had heard good things about it.... oh well.... the earlier stuff was good, right?