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The season was supposed to air much sooner, and would have more episodes (it's back to ten now I believe). They hired new writers, who happen to be female, because muh diversity. Some presidential election occurred somewhere in the meantime, prompting Harmon to go full commie - now realizing he himself has entered the darkest timeline. Leaving us with a writing staff consisting of three liberal females, Commie Dan, (((Ryan Ridley))) and Justin Roiland. Oooooooooweeeeeeeeee

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So they had a good thing going and decided to fuck it up with muh diversity?

Why can't we have anything nice? It was a good fucking show! I liked it! And they had to go and shit all over it.

Fuck them. Fuck Cartoon Network. Fuck the God damn Jews for canceling World Peace too, another good fucking show.

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Dan Harmon got divorced or something. I'm enjoying it but you're right when you're right....

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In season 3 episode 6 Rick and Morty were cleansed of their "masculine toxicity." All of a sudden they were healthy and girls, even the ugly feminist ones, in his school started to like Morty.

At the end of Season 3 episode 7, one of the Mortys did away with the "fascist" Rick government by killing people who disagreed with him and installed a communist-style government. He basically got rid of the "establishment" so to speak.

There's no hard edge anymore. It seems neutered.

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You really have to pay attention. There is a tonne of hidden jokes. Start thinking that what you are watching isn't literal and everything represents something else and it's changing all the time. There many jokes and hidden meanings in the background. For example, in Episode 7 Mortys represent Blacks. Ricks are White authority figures.

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It became popular and therefore needed to be toned down so something else can get high ratings.

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they named the troll which south park refused to do. gets a gold star in my book even if it is tainted with some blue pill shit. but we live in a blue pill world. any fully red pill entertainment wont make it to broadcast tv