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Anyone still watching it after they gave it to Gaga?

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I won't believe anything until I hear Rachel Maddow say it. She's the only one I trust.

I think it's even more worrisome that the American Horror Story is turning into a sitcom.

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Okay so I watched the show, and since the 2 main characters (so far) are a homosexual white couple, and everything else that is "fictional" on there is yeah to scare you. That's the point of the show. If you take away that its racism if it happened to be an Asian person to die on a horror show, maybe you are looking for it

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"What if I get pregnant now?" she asks someone over the phone "Where will I get an abortion...what is wrong with CNN not giving us a trigger warning before they announce the results?"

Ben Garrison couldn't satirize these people as much as they satirize themselves.