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Let me see...

The north will be a utopia where everyone is super smart, beautiful, and liberal. They will wizz around in their flying automobiles, talk on their hologram wrist watch computers, dress in their space age athletic gear. Blonde female president hur dur.

The Southerners on the other hand will have bad teeth, shit grammar, be stupid and violent grotesque and fat (more so than already :p ). All white males of course who worship guns.

This is another let's pat ourselves on the back for being liberal college educated virtue signalling faggots who live in the north. Will be boring will be shit pandering and attempting to rewrite history in favor of northerners.

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hmmm - odds of an HBO series on the south winning the civil war, debuting in 2017, being any good?

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I suspect it will probably be similar to the "C.S.A." (2004) mockumentary. I'd love to see a series based on Harry Turtledove's novels but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

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That would be a perfect comparison. 2004's version will feel watchable in comparison. 2:1 odds they manage to find a way to make a tranny a main character.