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Great quote:

The decision to cast a woman indeed dominated the conversation, and it's here that Amobee unearthed something interesting. More than half of the tweets addressed the gender switch, but there was a far larger volume of fans criticizing complaints than there were actual complaints.

"In other words, there was so much more backlash to the backlash than people actually expressing displeasure with the idea of a female Doctor Who, that it's very likely in many cases people were assuming there were complaints about there being a woman Doctor, as opposed to actually seeing these complaints for themselves," Amobee concluded.

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Analysis shows no significant negative reaction to female Doctor. Virtue signaling against imagined backlash instead.

Of course the question not asked was.'Do you feel that changing the Dr's sex for PC reasons will affect the series?'

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No questions were asked. This was all data mining.

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Im at the hospital now and the female medical workers have been on point.