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I generally avoid tv but do binge watch online or binge DVDs. Mr.Robot is good a paranoid cyberpunk thriller, check this out. Daredevil is also worth seeing really dark and feel more like a murder mystery rather than a silly comicbook show its an interesting, very dark entertaining series. Wayward Pines or Penny Dreadful might give you that spooky feel but they are not as good as Twin Peaks, the Flash DC comics is kind of an upbeat goofy superhero show but you kinda have to turn your brain off to enjoy it. The Expanse is ok, not as ground breaking as Trek or Twilight Zone but its entertainment and an ok scifi opera. Vikings is good iof you want an alternative to Thrones. I would say try Mr Robot or Daredevil for now. I hear good things about True Detective and Banshee but have yet to sit down and watch.