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TV is dead. Accept this fact: HBO

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IIRC, you can only get HBO content via streaming video if you subscribe to HBO through a cable provider.


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And they are awful.


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Exactly. I was as mad at HBO as everyone else for a long time. But now you can subscribe to their stuff without having cable and you get the first month for free to see if you even like it.

If you're patient enough you can even wait until all of the GoT episodes are released, get your free month, watch them, and then cancel (I did this last year). They know some people will do this. They're betting that you'll like their service enough to stick around.

So, pirates, if your excuse is always, "make your stuff easy to get," then stfu and put your money where your mouth is. They've invested money in a service to make their stuff easy to get. They listened. So, if you're still pirating it at this point you're either a liar or you're just a die-hard pirate and never used that as an excuse in the first place.